2024 Caraid Award Winner: Dave Jones

The IOOS Association is pleased to announce that Dave Jones of StormCenter Communications, Inc. is the 2024 recipient of the Caraid Award. Dave is receiving this award in recognition of his outstanding contributions to observing, understanding and protection of our oceans and coasts through vision, leadership, friendship, and collaboration.

Dave embodies the essence of caraid in his work— he is passionate, resilient, humorous, and deeply committed to innovation and trusted data accessibility. Through his transformative leadership, he developed the GeoCollaborate technology, fostering real-time synchronous collaboration and data sharing across platforms for ocean observations. Dave knew Ru Morrison and recalls a conversation where Ru said to Dave after a demonstration of GeoCollaborate, “You really have something here”. That boost in confidence helped development continue and despite facing financial challenges, Dave’s unwavering dedication has brought together diverse communities, particularly underserved groups, showcasing his commitment to making crucial data accessible. His voluntary creation of engaging videos further highlights his commitment to transparency and reaching broader audiences, exemplifying a leader who inspires excellence and brings people together through humor, integrity, and grace.

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